Christen Mirth

Principal Investigator

Projects in my group cover a broad range of topics: understanding how environmental factors affect body size and shape, determining how the organs of the body coordinate their growth and patterning, investigating how environmental factors affect foraging choice, and finally exploring the evolution of plasticity.

Michelle Henstridge

Post-Doctoral NHMRC ECR Fellow

My research aims to use Drosophila as a model to understand how different nutritional inputs regulate secretion of the peptide hormone insulin. I am also interested in identifying novel genes that are required for insulin production and secretion in both Drosophila and mammals.

Helen Rushby

PhD Candidate

I’m interested in the role of olfaction in modulating feeding behaviour in flies and mice.

Hannah Morrow

PhD Candidate

In my research, I use the Drosophila larval ovary as a system to study how the hormone signalling pathways of insulin and ecdysone interact to modify development. I am interested in how this network contributes to the organisation of somatic cells in the ovary.

Lea Combres

PhD Candidate

My project aims to understand how cells integrate information from the pulsing expression of key regulators. To do so, I use microfluidic devices to culture Drosophila wing discs and manipulate the concentration of the hormone Ecdysone over time.

Bowen Slater

PhD Candidate

I am interested in finding the genetic mechanisms that underlie plastic responses of body size to temperature and diet.